Dominated bondage

Dominated bondage

This is a story about how my girl and me both took turns on being dominated with bondage and toys.  We both have the balance of both dominant and submissive, but we never acted on the dominant.  One day I was working late because we  had an unscheduled meeting.  While I was at the meeting,  I get a text message from my girl, that says I am horny, and I have a fantasy in mind for both of us. I text her, what’s the fantasy.  She just text me some pics of different sex toys like a belt, paddle, whip, a whip with a lot of straps, and her outfit for the night. Her outfit  was a leather bustiee that wrapped around her stomach.  Two xs covered her  tits, some stockings that all the way to her thighs and some high heels. I didn’t know what the fantasy was.  She told me that she wants to dominate me . I said ok I am down,  she is always surprised when I am down. She said I want to be dominated too, maybe this weekend.  I said that’s fine with me.  When I got home, I saw my girl in her robe didn’t show anything . When I got on the couch. She ordered me to get back up on my feet.  I obliged.  She stripped and I saw her  sexy self in that sexy outfit.  Then she took my sports coat off,and ripped off my button down shirt  and then took off my pants.  I was wearing my small sexy underwear like she likes. She got a knife and ripped my underwear. Now I am naked, she handcuffed me.  Then she walk around me with her whip and then put of blue she will whip my ass. After that, she bend me over on the couch and whip with all of her toys. Then she suck my dick for a little bit, she put a cock ring on my dick, and some nipples clamps on my nipples. She blind folded me so I won’t see any thing any more. She push me down on the bed,  and sat on my face with her legs wide open.  At one time, she put her virbrator on my dick, that was an interesting feeling.  I almost came.  She saw that and jack me off until i came.  Then she  rode me until we both came and she licked it off and unhandcuff me.



Guided masturbation

Guided masturbation

I bet you are so fucking horny. Does that throbbing hard cock need a quick release? No one wants to jack off alone I am there willing and waiting. I’ll tell you this little whore has the best-guided masturbation around. I’m so hot withguided masturbation my hand job talk that it will make that hard cock explode. I know it’s the summer time and the wife and kids are just being buggy, but a quick cum session will help you deal with it all and let you go about your day. Having fun with me is just the start it might even put a spring in your step.guided masturbation 

I have several techniques and will guide you through the roughest steps; I want it to be the best orgasm you’ve had. I might even teach you how to massage that prostate.

I can’t wait to tell some of my kinkiest guided masturbation calls, what made others just shoot their load all over. Maybe you’re into some role-play I love playing different roles. I could be the town whore looking to do all your nasty little fetishes. The mind can be so creative and my soft sexy voice will only fuel your cock. I love to masturbate right with you moaning and feeding on your sounds. Now tell me wouldn’t you love to slide your tongue right up there and lick my cunt juices. Now don’t grab that cock just yet, let my soft voice guide you on just what to do on that guided masturbation.

There are times I can be a bit dominate telling you when and how hard to stroke it. I could even prevent you from cumming until I say so. I might even slide in a bit of ass fingering you won’t admit to it but you will love ass play just as much as I do.

So grab that dick and that credit card my voice is waiting to make you cum with my guided masturbation!



My first black cock

My first black cock

Until I met Dontae, I’d never really imagined myself being with a black guy. I wasn’t opposed to the idea, but I really just never thought I’d get the chance. See, I’m not a typical “blonde haired” kinda girl. I guess you could say I’m anything BUT. I’m short…just five feet tall without shoes on. I’m only 119 pounds, but I have natural DD’s that seem larger because of my size. They’re my favorite feature, other than my light blue eyes. My eyes tend to be more dramatic because they are framed with my long, black hair. 

The thing is, I’m what most people call “goth” though that term can mean a lot of things. I have very pale, smooth skin. I love to wear corsets and fishnets. I adore boots and chunky heels. I’m always in a skirt, and occasionally I’ll wear some tight leather pants. My black hair is accented with pink, red, green, blue…any number of various colors at different times…and I usually wear my hair in pig tails. I love eye-liner, and crazy eye-shadow colors.

So, the “scene” I usually find myself in sort of made me think a black guy would never be interested in someone like me. Dontae changed all of that. I didn’t know it when I first met him, but he would be the one to make some of my most hidden desires come to life.

I had always enjoyed watching porn where a beautiful white girl would get fucked by a big, black cock. The contrast in their skin was something I’d always considered to be beautiful, even artistic. Seeing a nice, pink pussy getting stretched by a massive cock is always incredibly hot…and I could easily imagine getting fucked like that.

When I saw him, I was immediately attracted to him. You could tell that he had a toned, powerful body under his clothes. My skin flushed as I thought about running my hands over his stomach…feeling his abs flex beneath my touch.

The more I got to know him, the more I was attracted to him in even more ways. He was kind, funny, sincere. He made me feel things I hadn’t felt in a long time, and there was always the underlying sexual magnetism that made me think of any number of dirty things I wanted him to do to me.

One afternoon, we were hanging out at my house, and our conversations wandered like they usually did. Only this time…it ventured into the area of sexual experiences. I admitted to him that I’d never fucked a black guy, but blushing, I said that yes, I’d thought about it before. Playfully picking at me, he hinted that he might be interested in being my first interracial fuck. Jokingly, I glanced at his shoes, asking what size he wore…alluding to the old adage about the size of a man’s feet and a very well known saying about black men and their endowments. While I was indeed joking, I couldn’t help but notice he DID have rather large feet.

As the conversation heated up, I could feel my pussy getting very wet…and I longed for him to kiss me. I wanted to feel his lips on mine…wanted to feel his tongue as we kissed. After a while, I couldn’t take the intense arousal anymore, and I moved in to kiss him. He seemed shocked at first, but he eagerly met my mouth. In a matter of moments, I felt his hands wandered to my tits. My nipples were throbbing as his thumbs rubbed through my shirt.

“I’d love to see these big tits of yours for myself,” he said. I couldn’t get my shirt and bra off fast enough. Tossing my shirt aside, I took his hands and placed them on my tits again, and moaned against his mouth as we kissed. I moved myself to sit facing him in his lap. As is my habit, I wasn’t wearing panties, and I could feel his cock growing hard against my cunt. I slowly moved to add pressure, and he squeezed my tits as I felt his dick flex as it got even harder.

His hands moved to my ass, and he seemed surprised to find no panties in his way. He made a sound that made it obvious he thought I was definitely a naughty girl for not wearing anything under my skirt. He groped my ass, and slowly moved his hand around to tentatively graze past my cunt. I gasped as his fingers touched my very soft, shaved pussy lips. 

Quickly, I stood up and, facing him, slid my skirt to the floor. I watched as his eyes took in my entire body. Unashamed, I felt my pussy grow even wetter as a smile crossed his lips at the site of my nakedness. I propped one foot up on the couch beside him, giving him a view of my tight little pussy…inviting him to touch me again.

He reached out, and started stroking my smooth cunt. As his fingers neared my hole…I moaned out loud. “I want to feel your fingers in my pussy, Dontae” I said. “I want you to lick me as you finger fuck me.” Without a word, he stood up and tossed me onto the couch. He spread my legs wide, and got a good look at my tight pussy before he bent down and ran his tongue across my pussy lips.

He used his fingers to spread my cunt open, and he slid a finger into me slowly. “Fuck you’re wet, you dirty little girl” he laughed. “I’m gonna mke you a lot wetter.” He started fucking me with his finger, and as my tight hole opened up a bit more, he added another. He moved down, and his tongue started flicking my clit. I grabbed his head, and pulled him harder against me. “Oh yeah…lick my pussy. Make me cum on your tongue” I moaned. He ate my pussy better than I think it’s ever been eaten before. My cunt gripped his fingers as he sucked on my little clit. It didn’t take long before I was screaming out in orgasm as I begged him to finger fuck me harder. He laughed as my pussy spasmed and squeezed his fingers as I came. “My god your pussy tastes so sweet!” he said. When I finally stopped cumming, he pulled his fingers out of me, and held them up to my mouth. “Lick it off, slut.” he demanded. I obediantly opened my mouth, and started licking his fingers clean. I sucked every last drop of my cum off his fingers. 

“You know what you’re going to suck next?” he grinned. “Please tell me I get to suck your hard, black cock” I begged. “I want to taste your cum.”

In seconds, his cock was presented to my mouth. My eyes bulged as I saw his enormous cock. I knew there was no way it was ever goin to fit in my tight cunt. I could barely even think of how it was going to fit before he started rubbing his dick against my lips. “Open wide baby” he said.

I slowly started to lick my first black cock. I couldn’t belive it when it seemed to get even bigger. I slid the head of his cock into my mouth, and started moving my tongue around it. My hand stroked his cock as I slid more of it into my mouth. Pretending my mouth was a pussy, I felt him start to slowly fuck my mouth.

As I got used to the size of his dick, I could swallow more of his length. Before long, I started to take his cock into my throat. He moaned and pushed deeper as it slid deep enough to block my breathing. I knew that my throat felt tight on his cock as he slid in and out…getting a slow, deep throat cock-sucking. He used my mouth, increasing the speed that his hips thrust forward. I moaned as I started to rub my clit…letting him know I wanted him to fuck my mouth harder. 

He took my signal, and he forced his cock down my throat all the way as he grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head further down on his dick. I gasped when he pulled his cock out, and I came a second time as he shoved his dick as far as he could into my mouth. With a loud grunt, I felt hot streams of cum filling my mouth and throat…and I struggled to swallow it all, not wanting to waste a drop.

He continued to fuck my mouth as he came…and it felt like he must have filled my mouth twice with his hot cum. He pulled his cock out, and I smiled as I licked the last drops off my lips. He sighed as he picked me up. “I’m gonna fuck you now…and make sure I cum that much in your tight pussy.” he laughed.

He carried me into my bedroom, and he tossed me playfully on the bed. “On your knees, you little slut.” he commanded. Obediently, I got on all fours, and stuck my ass up in the air. He slid his fingers into me, preparing my cunt for his massive dick.

I moaned, and bucked back against his fingers…moaning like a bitch in heat…ready and willing to take my first black cock. Amazingly, I felt the head of his dick start to push at my hole. He was already hard again and ready to fuck me.

I couldn’t believe how much I felt him stretch me as he slowly started to slide his cock into my tight pussy. I cried out in slight pain as he continued to force it in. He could get just the head in, and he started to slowly fuck me…pushing in deeper with each stroke.

I’d never felt anything so big in my pussy before! Even though it kinda hurt, it felt amazing…and I begged him “Please shove it all it! Just put all of that big dick in my tight little pink pussy!”

He grabbed my hair and gave my ass a hard smack. “If you want to be fucked like a little whore, then that’s just what I’m going to do!” he growled as he rammed his huge black dick inside me. I screamed into the pillow as I felt split in two by his member. He instantly started to brutally fuck me.

“Is that what you wanted? You wanted to be fucked by a black cock like a dirty whore?” he laughed as he spanked my ass every time he fucked into me.

“Yes! God YES! Fuck me, harder! Fuck my pussy! FUCK ME!” I screamed. The pain quickly was replaced by total pleasure as I took all of the biggest cock I’d ever had in me. I’d never been fucked so completely. 

We made gutteral noises as we fucked like animals. Dontae’s cock was rock hard…and I could feel my pussy squeezing his cock.

Surprising me, I felt his finger start playing with my ass. Before he even spoke a word, I knew what he intended to do. “Mmmmm…if your pussy is this tight…I bet your ass is going to feel even tighter.” he breathed.

He pulled his cock out of my pussy as I moaned in protest. “Get on your back” he demanded. I flipped over, and he took his strong hands and spread my legs far apart. I looked down and I could see with amazement how completely fucked my pussy looked. His cock has obviously stretched my tiny cunt with his brutal fucking.

I watched as he moved his cock towards my ass, and I moaned with anticipation. I reached down and rubbed my clit as I waited for him to start pushing his cock in my ass. He moved, and I felt the head of his dick go in with ease. Still, as he slowly slid his cock in my ass, I knew he was about to stretch my ass more than my pussy.

I slid two fingers up my cunt as his cock pushed deeper in my ass. He gently started fucking in and out, sliding more in my ass each time. “Oohh, yesss…I want to feel all of your dick in my ass!” I said.

I continued to finger my twat as I took more of his cock in my ass. Honestly, I think my ass took him better than my pussy. Before very long, his dick was buried all the way in me. As soon as he hit bottom, he started fucking my ass. His dick slid in and out of my ass as my fingers did the same to my cunt.

“I want you to cum in my ass! Cum in me! Please cum in my ass!” I begged. He increased speed, and I knew by the way he was breathing that he was going to get off soon. “Yeah….cum in my tight ass. Fill me with it! Fill my asshole with your hot cum!” I screamed.

My orgasm hit me as I felt him start to cum. Load after load of hot jizz filled my ass as I came on my fingers. We fucked for a solid minute of orgasm…and I forgot everything but the feel of his cock in my ass.

He collapsed on top of me, with his dick still inside. He kissed me, and we lay there for the longest…basking in the glow of an incredibly hot fuck…trying to catch our breath for round two…knowing that a fuck this good was going to last many rounds.

There was so much more I wanted Dontae to do to me.



Great teen sex

Great teen sex

I remember going into a small town area with my family. Im Brandon by the way story readers. My dads baby brother stayed in a trailer park with his fiancé . Well my uncle fiancé had a two sisters and two brothers. The sister next to my uncle’s fiancé was so freaky and playful with me. At the time I didn’t pay any attention because I looked at her as a friend plus she was older. Me and her little brother played video games and rode atvs.
I was 5’7 at the time and she was about 5’11. Big booty, perky tits, and cute face. Let’s get to the real deal. One night on a Friday night, my parents, sister and I went by my uncle trailer to watch a football game. Me and my sex partner got away by riding atvs in the field. Her name was Kelly. True country girl with me a city boy. We rode down to her grandma house where it was always dark. Her grandma let us in because she knows that I play video games with Kelly’s brother. Kelly went took a shower as I watched tv in her mood settled room. She came out a huge t shirt and tights. She looked at me and smiled. We started kissing and rubbing each other private parts. I rubbed her ass and licked her nipples. She grabbed my penis and stripped me naked, pushed on the bed and begin riding me. Her pussy was so wet and farting you can tell she been wanting me. After five minutes I came in her and she put my penis in her mouth to get me hard again. She grabbed some lube out of her stash and bent over to lube my penis and her butt hole. Oh goodness I put it her butthole slowly as we both moan together, she whisper pull out and I did she let out a huge wet fart as she moaned and said you like that don’t you. I said yes I love it when be nasty and the smell of her ass turned me on more and more. I penetrated again and went faster and faster until I came.




The sexy teacher

The sexy teacher

It was late and raining outside… There was no one in the college… The watchman said he would be back in an hour and I could leave college after that,… I and my class teacher Deepika was making a project in our lab… The thunder was very loud… My teacher Deepika was a 26 year old slightly built 5.8ft tall virgin.. I knew it because she was saying she is ashamed to be a virgin at her age to another teacher. .. she used to always have cleavage in her saree blouse. The boys In our class would wait for chalk piece to fall down so that she would bend to take it and we can see her huge tits hanging around…
Deepika went to the toilet and returned by lowering her saree and dressed sexy with some touch up and stood next to me…. She was wearing a black transparent saree in which she was looking like sunny Leone… She slowly kept her hand on mine and hold it tightly.. she said watchman will not be here for an hour and I feel extremely cold can you warm me up…. I was shocked…. Who will miss a chance to fuck such a hot sexy woman… Her blue eyes were calling me to come near her… But I silently went inside the classroom.. she followed me. She asked me not to say it to anyone.. I shshed her, held her face in my hand and pushed her on the table and kissed her… She started to role her tongue into my mouth.. suddenly she let her hands into my pants and started to give a hand job.. I kissed all her face and removed my pants she got down from the table and started to give me a blow job.. ahh my dick went deep into her throat.. she sucked it as hard as she can… I was feeling like in heaven.. I cummed in her mouth and said her to stand up… Now I removed her saree and blouse I ordered her too strip everything one by one and stand nude in front of me.. wow she had the ass of Scarlett Johnson,breast of Mia khalifa and face of Jessica Alba.. totally fucking awesome when she was standing nude. I sucked her huge tits I made her sleep on the table and inserted my dick into her pussy… My cock was too huge for her pussy.. it was so tight.. she was screaming like anything.. I bet her on her ass for shouting.. I continued to fuck her until we both cummed.. it was the best fuck I ever had in my life… I went to her place every weekend and fucked her for 3 years



Comforting the milf

Comforting the milf

A death in the family is never nice. So when my best friend’s father passed, I decided that I would be around as much as possible to help out.

My name is Daniel, and I am twenty-two years old. My family is slightly well to do, so I don’t really have to work. I have made it my mission to help people out instead.

And so, when my best friend’s father passed away, I decided to be there full time to help out. I did the washing, cleaning and even cooking.

My best friend, Michael, was stuck in a rut. He was depressed and couldn’t seem to get out of it. I tried making him laugh, but it didn’t seem to work.

Michael’s mother Julia is a beautiful woman in her forties. She looks amazing with curves in all the right places and a butt to die for. She was depressed too but put on a good front for her son’s sake.

It was nearly two weeks later and I was still going around and tidying up. There wasn’t much mess anyway. I did some shopping and made sure their fridge was fully stocked.

Michael had obviously gone out and Julia came down the stairs in a light pink bikini. She looked around and smiled at me.

“Daniel, you know you don’t have to help anymore. Mourning is over and we can look after ourselves.”

I smiled. “Julia,” I had always called her by her first name. “Julia, I like to help. I have loads of free time, so I like to do things to comfort you.”

She smiled at me.

“Well, Daniel, if that’s the case, you can fuck me.”

I coughed, almost choked. “Sorry?”

She smiled and slid her arm around my waist. I could see her gorgeous cleavage and couldn’t help but getting hard.

“Daniel, my husband, God bless him, was ill for a while. I haven’t had sex in nearly a year. There is only so much a woman can masturbate.”

I had to admit that I wanted nothing more than sliding my cock between those breasts.

“What about Michael?”

“Oh, don’t worry about him, he’ll be out all day. Besides, I am now single and can fuck who I like. And you will be comforting me, my pussy is aching for some cock.”

I shrugged, I couldn’t really argue with her. She led me by the hand to her garden and we sat by the pool. I watched her climb in the pool, dunking herself under the water. As she came up, she looked amazing with wet hair.

“C’mon handsome, take off your clothes and join me. The waters perfect.”

I don’t think I’ve ever stripped so quickly. She laughed and then gave a long whistle and my boxer shorts fell down.

“Damn, Daniel, that’s a big cock.”

I climbed into the pool as she pulled off her bikini top. She turned to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She gave me a peck on my lips. I could feel her breasts pressed up against me, and my cock gently pressed against her belly.

“Daniel, you have no idea what this means to me. I have always been faithful and loved my husband deeply, but now that he is no longer with us, I just need some cock.”

She dropped her hand from my neck and wrapped her fingers around my already hard cock.

“Sit on the edge of the pool baby. That’s one thing I really miss, sucking cock.”

I sat on the edge of the pool and spread my legs as she swam between my legs. She giggled as she looked up at me. Her hands were shaking as she grabbed hold the base of my cock.

“This will be the first cock I suck other than my husbands for twenty-five years.”

She wrapped her lips around my cock, sucking me deep into her mouth. She closed her eyes as if she was deriving her own pleasure from sucking me off. She took my cock deep into her throat, licking my balls with my cock in her mouth. She was talented, more than that, she was amazing.

She pulled my cock from her mouth and stood up at the edge of the pool.

“Ever had your cock between a pair of tits? I used to give my husband tit jobs all the time, he loved it.”

She pressed her large soft breasts around my cock and told me to fuck them. It was a new experience, which I loved. She smiled at me and every time the tip of my cock peeked out the top of her breasts she licked it. It made me so horny I just wanted to fuck her.

“Julia, I wanna fuck you so bad.”

She giggled and climbed out of the pool. I watched her pull off her bikini bottoms and step over me. Her pussy was an inch from my face and she grabbed the back of my head.

“Okay Handsome, before you fuck me, you gotta please me with your tongue.”

She lowered her pussy to my face and I started to lick her. Her pussy was amazing and I couldn’t get enough. The position was a bit awkward, so I asked her to lay back. Instead, she told me to get in the pool as she took up my position. She sat on the edge of the pool and spread her legs for me. Her pussy looked so delicious had to dive in.

I held onto her thighs as I ate her out. She held the back of my head and moaned as I licked her inner folds. I got lost in my own world, licking her and sucking on her meaty pussy lips. She started to shake and pushed my head away.

“Stop, I want to cum from your cock. Come here and fuck me. I need you inside me right now.”

She lay back on the edge of the pool and motioned for me to climb on top of her. I lay on top of her, sliding my cock deep inside her tight hole. She moaned and wrapped her arms and legs around me. I couldn’t help but kiss her as I slowly started to fuck her. We made out like we were longtime lovers as I pounded her pussy.

“Yes, Daniel, fuck me. I need this so bad.”

It didn’t take too long to feel her start to shake a bit like she did when I was licking her. This time she seemed to pull me in closer with her arms and legs.

“Yes, right there baby. I’m gonna cum.”

She seemed to push me away and cupped her pussy as soon as I was out. She squirted over me, drenching me with her cum.

“Wow, Daniel. You sure know how to fuck. Okay, baby, I’ve always wanted to get fucked in the pool, climb in with me.”

I climbed into the pool and pulled her close to me. I slipped my cock back inside her and pushed her up against the wall of the pool. I slowly started to fuck her as hard as I could, making waves in the water. She had her arms around me once more, whimpering and groaning all the time.

We kissed once more and I knew if I continued I would cum too quickly. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and turned her around. I could not help but admire her ass as I slipped my cock back inside her pussy from behind. I pushed her against the wall of the pool and she rested her arms on the side of the pool as she pushed back against me as I fucked her.

I fucked her hard, making her groan and whimper loudly. Her body seemed to shake all the time and she seemed to be thanking me for fucking her all the time.

“Yes, please fuck me, right there.”

I pulled my cock from her pussy and sat back on the edge of the pool. She smiled up at me and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked me hard and fast. As she sucked me she looked up at me.

“Come, Daniel, let’s go sit so I can ride your cock.”

I stood up and pulled a pool chair closer to the pool. I sat back and watched her climb on top of me and lower herself on my cock. She leant forward, resting her arms on my chest. She started to bounce on my cock, making me feel every inch slide inside her. She felt amazing and I could not help but reach up and squeeze her full breasts.

She closed her eyes as she rode me, obviously enjoying herself too. I don’t know what came over me, but I pulled her close, so her body was pressed against mine, and started to slam my cock yo inside her.

She groaned and screamed in pleasure and I could feel her on the brink of yet another orgasm. I knew I was close to cumming too and she seemed to sense it too.

“Yes, Daniel, fuck me hard. Cum inside me. It’s been so long since I’ve had cum inside my pussy. Please cum inside me.”

I pulled her even closer, slamming my cock inside her. She buried her head in my neck and started to bite at my neck slowly. The feeling of her body on mine and the way she was biting me was so erotic that I couldn’t hold back any longer. I let loose and started to shoot my load deep inside her tight hole. Me cumming inside her seemed to make her orgasm too. We both just lay there shaking in the glow of our orgasms.

I held her and it wasn’t long before I fell asleep.

I awoke as the sun was going down and watched the sunset. It was beautiful and I held my breath as I realized that I was alone. I looked around to find my clothes were missing so I got up and made my way indoors naked.

I walked into the living room to see Michael sitting there reading a book. He looked up at me and gave me a knowing smile.

“Hey Dan, mom’s upstairs in her room. I believe she has your clothes with her.”

I blushed and made my way up to Julia’s bedroom. She was lying on her bed, still completely naked. She smiled at me a patted the bed.

I climbed under the covers and spooned with her. I slipped my arm around her waist as we both got comfortable. It wasn’t long before I had fallen asleep once more.


That was a year ago. Julia and I are sort of a couple now and I spend most weekends in her bed. I have even thought about proposing to her.

Michael doesn’t seem to mind, he has even started teasing me by calling me stepdad.

We’ll see.