The sexy teacher

It was late and raining outside… There was no one in the college… The watchman said he would be back in an hour and I could leave college after that,… I and my class teacher Deepika was making a project in our lab… The thunder was very loud… My teacher Deepika was a 26 year old slightly built 5.8ft tall virgin.. I knew it because she was saying she is ashamed to be a virgin at her age to another teacher. .. she used to always have cleavage in her saree blouse. The boys In our class would wait for chalk piece to fall down so that she would bend to take it and we can see her huge tits hanging around…
Deepika went to the toilet and returned by lowering her saree and dressed sexy with some touch up and stood next to me…. She was wearing a black transparent saree in which she was looking like sunny Leone… She slowly kept her hand on mine and hold it tightly.. she said watchman will not be here for an hour and I feel extremely cold can you warm me up…. I was shocked…. Who will miss a chance to fuck such a hot sexy woman… Her blue eyes were calling me to come near her… But I silently went inside the classroom.. she followed me. She asked me not to say it to anyone.. I shshed her, held her face in my hand and pushed her on the table and kissed her… She started to role her tongue into my mouth.. suddenly she let her hands into my pants and started to give a hand job.. I kissed all her face and removed my pants she got down from the table and started to give me a blow job.. ahh my dick went deep into her throat.. she sucked it as hard as she can… I was feeling like in heaven.. I cummed in her mouth and said her to stand up… Now I removed her saree and blouse I ordered her too strip everything one by one and stand nude in front of me.. wow she had the ass of Scarlett Johnson,breast of Mia khalifa and face of Jessica Alba.. totally fucking awesome when she was standing nude. I sucked her huge tits I made her sleep on the table and inserted my dick into her pussy… My cock was too huge for her pussy.. it was so tight.. she was screaming like anything.. I bet her on her ass for shouting.. I continued to fuck her until we both cummed.. it was the best fuck I ever had in my life… I went to her place every weekend and fucked her for 3 years



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