Guided masturbation

I bet you are so fucking horny. Does that throbbing hard cock need a quick release? No one wants to jack off alone I am there willing and waiting. I’ll tell you this little whore has the best-guided masturbation around. I’m so hot withguided masturbation my hand job talk that it will make that hard cock explode. I know it’s the summer time and the wife and kids are just being buggy, but a quick cum session will help you deal with it all and let you go about your day. Having fun with me is just the start it might even put a spring in your step.guided masturbation 

I have several techniques and will guide you through the roughest steps; I want it to be the best orgasm you’ve had. I might even teach you how to massage that prostate.

I can’t wait to tell some of my kinkiest guided masturbation calls, what made others just shoot their load all over. Maybe you’re into some role-play I love playing different roles. I could be the town whore looking to do all your nasty little fetishes. The mind can be so creative and my soft sexy voice will only fuel your cock. I love to masturbate right with you moaning and feeding on your sounds. Now tell me wouldn’t you love to slide your tongue right up there and lick my cunt juices. Now don’t grab that cock just yet, let my soft voice guide you on just what to do on that guided masturbation.

There are times I can be a bit dominate telling you when and how hard to stroke it. I could even prevent you from cumming until I say so. I might even slide in a bit of ass fingering you won’t admit to it but you will love ass play just as much as I do.

So grab that dick and that credit card my voice is waiting to make you cum with my guided masturbation!



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